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3 second video showing the gorgeous "ribbons" of pink sawdust flying out of a large Madrone wood bowl that I was turning on the lathe.  Poking a heavy, sharp metal tool into a rapidly spinning chunk of wood creates a focus all of it's own!

Our boutique gallery focuses on bringing you these carefully selected and curated collections of art, jewelry, clothing and lifestyle items.  We concentrate on the special and on bringing our customers purchases that are rare, different and just so worth finding!

When our boutique was open we focused on providing our customers an immersive service, making sure that they left the boutique looking and feeling gorgeous.  We purchased samples of each item before buying small quantities for the boutique and now we offer you the chance to purchase items from our sample rack.  There is usually only one of each in one size, often a "free size", but where possible, sizes available are noted on each item with actual measurements specified.  These are BRAND NEW items and offered at our sample rack prices.