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Born in Africa, my soul still roams the Savannah.  I gently yearn for the wide skies, unique smells and vibrant design and colors that abound in the region.  These regularly insert themselves into my work, often unbidden but frequently totally intentional, they please me!

My creative process is wide and varied, I paint in oils, acrylics and watercolors.  I draw in pastels, ink, charcoal and many other media.  I weave, sculpt and lino print. I have created a line of charm jewelry and sorority products, published a grown-up coloring book and opened a fashion boutique, which encouraged me to begin designing and hand painting garments and creating a new line of jewelry, some of which is found here.

More recently wood turning has become a passion and I am totally hooked on this dramatically creative process! There is something uniquely satisfying about peeling away layers of wood to find the hidden vessel within, which in turn provides a unique canvas to be  carved, airbrushed, painted, burnished and generally decorated!  I use "rescued" wood, wood felled by weather or necessity, destined for the fire.  There is something uniquely special about taking a chunk of a much loved tree, carefully reshaping it and returning it to the original and delighted owners in its new format.

Wood turning is a wonderfully immediate process, where even the tiniest move has instant and sometimes dramatic results!  Wood is warm, organic and, to me, infinitely unique and pleasing! No two pieces are ever the same which provides for endless possibilities, a concept that I love!

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I have hand drawn our logo, it is a modern, conceptualized image of a Chiwara, the antelope figure of the Bambara peoples of Mali.  The Chiwara represents crop fertility and growth.  A wooden carved headdress representing the Chiwara is worn and danced through the fields to encourage good harvests.  The dancers leap and turn, moving their heads and feet in a traditional dance, infinitely ancient, in the way of the antelope.   Fertility is ensured, the spirits and ancestors are honored and lessons of morality are passed to the next generation.

You will find this symbol featured on  many of my bowls, paintings and other objects.

unique chiwara logo
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