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I am having much too much fun exploring the reach of my new micromotor carver/piercing tool. I am slowly learning how to draw with my tool and a whole new world of possibilities is opening up! This is what I love best about taking a class, attending a demonstration or lecture or simply working alongside other artists or artisans, you never leave empty handed. You always go home with something, it could be new ideas or alternate possibilities or as simple as a list in your head of what you don't want to do. The great news is that it always expands your horizons and generates exploration. It also generally forces you to look at your own work with new eyes, an absolute gift!

I have had a large, Ginko, natural edge bowl sitting in my storage area for ages. I liked the bowl, I had managed to turn a big chunk of Ginko into a fairly thin, interesting bowl making full use of both the natural edge and pretty much the full chunk of wood, but it lacked pizazz.

I decided to create a bubble-filled wavy stream around the bowl, I have just received 2 new "ball" shaped burrs and I had to use them in a new piece! This looked fine, but not enough. I could have added color to the stream but I decided to think of something else. The something else turned out to be frogs, lily pads, a heron, bulrushes and a waterlily.

I have titled it "Stream" but perhaps it should be " Stream of consciousness"?

As always, I welcome your comments.

See you at the lathe!

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