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So, I took part in the wood piercing workshop last weekend and whizzed home all fired up to create beautiful things, only to find that it requires HUGE amounts of practice to create anything even vaguely presentable! #woodpiercing

I am trying out the various bits that I purchased on a selection of woods and cannot yet claim to have actually mastered anything, but I think I am figuring out what works best to create which effects. Could be, possibly, maybe!

I mentioned last week that I had ordered both of Binh Pho's books, these gorgeous works have arrived and I found that I was lucky enough to have snagged a virtually new copy, signed by the artist! I am such a sucker for signed art books, actually books in general still please me enormously. Old fashioned and weird I know, we need a library space in our home. I have all the gizmos, but there is still something wonderfully satisfying about holding a real book! I am finding these 2 beautiful books, truly inspirational, but now that I have figured out just how little I know, also incredibly humbling! #realbooks #artbooks

Anyway, good news, having blocked my airbrush, taken it apart and struggled to reassemble it, I watched several YouTube videos on how to service an airbrush and finally got it all back together again. Something new that I now have in my skill arsenal! Well, this time anyway. #airbrush #airbrushing

I have been working on a Madrone wood bowl. I used wet wood, my fave kind of wood and really had no idea what was going to come out of it once it dried. I was rather pleased that I managed to turn a pretty skinny bowl, I then bagged it and tried to let it dry out a bit before turning the bottom and let it stabilize before attempting piercing. It formed itself into a rather attractive organic "wave" shape which inspired me to try to create a piece that I have eventually named "Splash". I airbrushed the interior, I realize that transparent inks in several different blues would have been better, next time! I then pierced an abstract wave and splash dot design around the bowl. I needed to do something fairly simple which would accommodate my very limited skills in practice mode!! On completed it looked fine but the outside seemed a bit boring compared to the inside. I then brushed the outside with acrylic inks hoping to enhance the water and splash design. Again transparent rather than opaque inks would have been better, c'est la vie, next, !! #madrone #woodturning

Anyway, here is the result, lots more practice required!

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