Do All Artists Have to be Crazy?

Updated: Sep 5

I have been told that I am "Far too sensible" to be a "Real" artist, I am way too normal, stable and sane. Which of course confirms the old adage that you can fool most of the people most of the time and at least, some of the people some of the time! #crazyartists

But the real discussion here is that I do not fit into the stereotypical "crazy artist" category. This seems to require one to be an obsessive diva with, at least, latent suicidal tendencies and the need to shriek on a regular basis, whatever the circumstances but especially when one's every wish is not being instantly fulfilled. The artistic being needs to be seriously "Difficult", absolutely with a capital D!

But here one has to stop and wonder, how much of this behavior is actual and how much is simply fulfilling the fantasy? It has always seemed a waste of perfectly good china to throw it across the room or to slash a canvas or otherwise destroy or disfigure a work of art if it is not "suitably appreciated" by the world in general. Perhaps I am way to practical!?

We hear much about the "artistic temperament". Is this "part of the show" or is it a genuine part of the psyche? Could it simply be AGD (attention getting devices, for the non-scientific:) It seems as if "angst" is a requirement, why? #artistictemperament

I am sure that there are "tortured souls" in the artistic community, but I think that there are just as many, if not more, people mentally writhing in pain in every other section of society. So why do artists get a "free pass" on this one?

I personally see art as a massive source for good. For me it is a gateway to peace, calm, pleasure and fulfillment. Sure, in every creative process there are anxious moments when things are not going to plan, frustrating times when you just can't get your tool or your medium to do what you want it to do, but there are also just as many "happy accidents" when the results turn out of be quite wonderful! #happyaccidents

Sitting back contemplating a work well finished has a reward all of it's own, even if it turned out quite differently to what one had initially envisioned. That's what they call growth and transformation!

I have been involved in using art therapy to reach autistic children. I have witnessed the most incredible "break through" where the use of art has given the child a focus, a handle on the world. For these children, it brought peace and calm, a link to the "other" world. An immensely moving and satisfying process. #arttherapy

I have had the privilege of spending copious amounts of time in not only some of the best museums and art galleries and centers in the world, but also in small galleries, gorgeous old buildings and gardens and I have watched the joy that art and beauty bring to millions of people.

In my opinion, ART IS GOOD, what do you think, send me a comment.

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