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Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Following last weeks post on "What is Art" that lightly touched on Architecture, this week I had the pleasure of watching a video on Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece home "Falling Water". Sure, I know that there have been major, super expensive and very necessary repairs to the building over the years, but given that it was conceived and built around 1935 and engineered to be cantilevered over a waterfall, this is not too surprising. What I do find surprising, is how contemporary the design still feels. The light, the space, the overall feel of everything still has glorious appeal and seems relevant more than 90 years later. In my ongoing hunt for a new home I regularly add "Wright" to my search criteria and often find some very interesting homes in the mix that is presented. It seems to be a good "sorting criteria". #architecture #Wright

All this progressed to thoughts on creativity and creative people and their work Do truly creative people have to work hard to come up with their magnificent concepts or do the ideas simply "pop" into their heads? I know that I play around with ideas in my head and sometimes, something really interesting does seem to pop up. But more often than not I have to give serious thought to concepts, work at them, work around them, apply some science, mess with them on paper, sometimes I find a spark amongst the chaff, sometimes not:) #creativity #concepts

I do have several sketchbooks filled with ideas that I try to capture before they slip away. These are often "dreamed up" in that luxurious state between wakefulness and sleep, I have considered keeping a sketchbook and pencil next to my bed but I know that once I have woken up sufficiently to put on the light and note this idea down, I will be wide awake and sleep totally interrupted. So I rely on the concept that if it is really good it will still be there in the morning! #ideas

Continuing down this rabbit hole I have been putting some thought and work into planning designs for pierced bowls, something new to wrap my head around. The idea is to draw something that can be pierced into the side of a super-thin turned bowl in such a way that only small amounts of wood are removed, leaving a good supporting network. I guess stencil designs are the best analogy. My first class is scheduled for this weekend and I am super excited. It has caused me to stretch myself to turn super-thin bowls with a wall thickness of 2 to 4mm. This is super tricksy and I think has seriously upped the ante in my turning! I have messed up a few but I think I have actually produced a few viable super thin bowls. I am rather pleased and will report the results of this first class next week:) #woodpiercing

Attached is a photo of a bowl being pierced or carved, this photo is attributed to Terry Martin but is a good example of bowl piercing. There are some wonderful examples of truly magnificent pierced work where pens have been used to enhance the image and then the inside of the bowl airbrushed in a serious color so that you see it through the holes in the bowl. Amazing stuff!!!

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