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Ahead of The Herd!

The amusing musings of an artistic zebra.

I was born, raised and spent the first half of my life in Africa, my soul still lives on the Savannah. To me, there is nothing more wonderful than "spotting", (sorry, couldn't help myself), the sturdy, gently swinging tail of a leopard, elegantly draped in the Y of a tree. Almost invisible, except to those with attuned "bush eyes", These rare sightings have been some of the most precious moments of my life, a rare privilege, for which I am infinitely grateful.

Thus, the muse of these Blogs is to be Zeliah, an artistic zebra who runs ahead of the herd.

Sure, Zeliah may have the "slight" rotundity of the average zebra, but she does have the gorgeous and unique array of art-decoish stripes of her kind, best of all. she is infinitely cool, she wears pink spectacles through which she views the world in a slightly jaded but amused aspect!

Zeliah dares to be different, actually beyond dares, she chooses to be different and stand out from the herd. Not enough to be a target for the the passing lions, but just enough to make her special. She rather enjoys her uniqueness. She sometimes braids her mane. She rather fancied some pink stripes until she read an article that claimed that older zebras should neither wear pink nor dye their hair in the current funky colors. So, Ho Hum, back to the drawing board!

Zeliah is creative, she has opinions and future blogs will address some interesting and controversial topics like "Is this Really Art??"

Feel free to comment and track her progress, it should be an interesting adventure!

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